What Is Healthy Dose?

Healthy Dose is a weekly program offering tips on disease treatment & prevention – and healthy living in general – from professionals at Samford University’s McWhorter School of Pharmacy and other health care professionals. The program airs on Tuesdays at 5 pm, and is produced in conjunction with the Center for Healthcare Innovation and Patient Outcomes Research at McWhorter. For more information on this program or a specific topic, contact anthony@fms-pharmacy.com, or leave a message on this blog.

6 comments on “What Is Healthy Dose?

  1. Louise Moussa says:

    Hello..I think this is a great way to learn about new diseases as well as drugs that are on the market. It was helpful information about immunization. One question I had was that; if doctors should check to see if some children as well as adults might have an allergic reaction on some of the vacination shots before they
    are administered.

    • Maisha Kelly Freeman says:

      Practitioners who adminster vaccinations typically ask patients about allergies before administering them. The most common allergies associated with commonly administered vaccines include egg allergies. Most prescribers are aware of the commonly encountered allergies and will ask patients appropriate questions to reduce allergic reactions that may occur. Thank you for asking!

      Maisha Kelly Freeman, PharmD, MS, BCPS, FASCP
      Director, Samford University Global Drug Information Service

  2. Charles E. Anthony says:

    To enhance the question Mrs. Moussa asked ” how would any person to know if they have an allergy of any sort without testing first”? There are people who eat products and some have a sympton but go unexplained becasue it’s a minor reaction but some do not connect it to the food or drug. Therefore, I feel it would be important to do an allergy test on the components in the drug being administered not relying on the testimony of a child or parent being asked if they have an allergy. There are several components used in a drug and some go undetected it doesn’t neccessarily have to be the main component as in this case “EGGS”. That is our problem we take things for granted instead of taken the time to ensure safety.
    Charles E. Anthony
    Brother of Mrs. Moussa

  3. Lindsay Harper says:

    has there been a program on air regarding histamine intolerance?

    • Lindsay, I apologize it has taken 2 years to respond to you but fortunately, the show is making a comeback this year. We had not done a show on histamine intolerance yet but may in the future. Thank you for tuning in!

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