Season 2-Episode 37-Congenital Heart Disease Part 2 (Medications)

Dr. Mary Worthington, B.S., Pharm.D., BCPS, BPS, professor of pharmacy practice at Samford University’s McWhorter School of Pharmacy and a pediatric specialist for 30 years, comes back to Healthy Dose® to discuss more about congenital heart disease, specifically the medications most commonly used for this condition. Dr. Worthington will briefly discuss the action of the medications and common side effects related to them along with when to contact the physician about the medication.

Listen now below to Tuesday’s new Healthy Dose® episode which aired on 3-28-17 at 5pm on WVSU FM91.1 Birmingham! #healthydose #samfordpharmacy #cardiacmeds #WVSU #congenitalheartdisease #pediatricsWorthington-Mary


Medications can often times be bridge therapy until surgery is available for children with simple congenital heart disease; however, if the disease is more complex or severe, medications may need to be taken longer.

For more information about congenital heart disease, please visit the heart association website at!

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