Season 2-Episode 33- Anticoagulants (Blood Thinners) + Aspirin

red-blood-cells.jpgDr. Dee Thomason, Pharm.D., BCPS, professor of pharmacy practice at the McWhorter School of Pharmacy at Samford University, talks about blood thinners and common diseases (i.e. atrial fibrillation, clotting disorders) that blood thinners are commonly prescribed for. Dr. Thomason will also discuss the difference between Aspirin and other blood thinners along with discussing signs/symptoms of heart attack and stroke.

Listen now below to Tuesday’s new Healthy Dose® episode which aired on 2-21-17 at 5pm on WVSU FM91.1 Birmingham!thomason-dee


During atrial fibrillation, blood can pool between heart beats and risk a clot to form; therefore, a blood thinner is recommended to decrease that chance.

Remember the signs of stroke to help a loved one F-A-S-T – Facial drooping, arm weakness, slurred speech and time to act.

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