Season 2-Episode 28-Holiday Hazards

Dr. Ann Slattery, DrPH, RN, RPh, CSPI, DABAT (Pharmacist, Clinical and Environmental Toxicologist), Director of the Regional Poison Control at Children’s of Alabama, discusses dangerous gases, plants, substances and more that are commonly seen this time of year and how to address them in order to keep your family safe from harm this holiday season.

Dr. Slattery is a boarded clinical toxicologist through the American Board of Applied Toxicology. She has worked in the field of toxicology and in the Regional Poison Control Center for over 34 years.

Listen now below to Tuesday’s new Healthy Dose® episode which aired on 11-22-16 at 5pm on WVSU FM91.1 Birmingham! ann-slattery-3


Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur at the home if a car is left running inside the garage even if the garage door is open.

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