Episode 1 – Flu and other Vaccinations

flu-cling-stickerB-Metro-Pharmacy-September-2011-Photos-by-Lindsey-Griffin-Photography©-0021Dr. Patrick Devereux, vice-president and chief pharmacist at FMS Pharmacy in Bessemer, talks about the importance of a flu vaccination along with what other vaccinations you can get with the flu vaccination today! Dr. Devereux also explains the answers to common questions on the flu (i.e does the flu vaccine give you the flu? can you get the flu if you are allergic to eggs?)

Listen now below to today’s episode which aired at 5pm on WVSU FM91.1 Birmingham!

One comment on “Episode 1 – Flu and other Vaccinations

  1. Louise says:

    Welcome Back and the subject talked about was on my mine. Perfect timing. Thanks

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